Project Management; Resource Estimation, SE Botswana

LambdaTau was contracted for the onsite project management and geological control of the maiden Resource Estimation program for Giyani Metals Corp at its KHill prospect in South East Botswana. LambadaTau provided a complete management and field work solution. The deposited yielded a 1.1 million ton inferred resource at 31.2% MnO.

Core logging Services

Mapping and Rock Chip Sampling, SE Botswana

The Kanye sub-basin of the Transvaal Supergroup is less well known than the two other sub-basins, the Transvaal and Griqualand West basins. Mn mineralization similar in style and age-correlation to the Kalahari Mn fields of the Griqualand West basin,  also occur within the Kanye basin and has been the target of active mining since the late 60s and early 70s. Botswana at this time is considered to be a very stable both economically and politically and with the expected “battery-boom” and the possible shortage of Mn for usage in the Li-Mn battery industry, old Mn projects in Southern Botswana has been given new life. Lambda Tau is involved in field and exploration consulting and contracting for early stage exploration projects.

Geotechnical core logging, Rajasthan Province, India

Geotechnical investigations provides mine planners and designers with the parameters to design a mine plan that ensures a save working environment as well as to optimize the strip ratio. Lambda Tau was contracted to participate in a 6 week, 5500m geotechnical drilling program at the Maton Phosphate mine operations in Rajasthan province, North West India. Logging was completed using independent consultant logging sheets


Geological Mapping, Jharkand Provice, India

Secondary enriched Banded Iron Formation of the Jharkand and Orissa provinces in India, makes it possible for relatively small mine operations to be viable in a quite remote area of the country. Grade often reach values of up to 65% Fe. High grade units such as Blue Dust, which is a friable metallic unit that contains up to 65% Fe, is one of the main targets of exploration. Pure to semi-pure Hematite clusters are extracted from the Supergene enriched zone as Lumpy ore and high grade massive Hematite occurs within Hypogene enriched zones. This project was one of Lambda Tau`s first independent projects and completed work included: geological mapping of a regional license area; geological core logging, and reporting.

Geological mapping and surface sampling, western rwanda

Lambda Tau assisted its client with early stage geological mapping and surface sampling of mineralised outcrop of Sn-W-Ta pegmatites. These highly fractionated felsic intrusive bodies has spectacular large crystals of muscovite, tourmaline, quartz and coltan. Lambda Tau assisted in the interpretation of the regional structures, pegmatite zonation and vectoring for targeting prospective areas.